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Movie Mayhem – The November Man

For a long time, August was Hollywood’s dumping ground for mediocre to outright crappy movies that didn’t fit properly enough into any other season’s structure. They weren’t spectacular enough for summer, they weren’t high-caliber (aka Oscar-worthy) enough for fall, and they weren’t fun enough for spring. These were movies whose execution (whether in writing, direction, acting or all of the above) failed, but it was better for the production company to get at least a few dollars back on their investment rather than simply keep it locked away on the shelf or buried in direct-to-video obscurity. Over the past few years, though, that seems to have shifted a little, as August has brought out some great films (including this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy or 2011’s The Help), leaving those redheaded stepchildren to scatter and hide among the rest of the year. But as August winds down and we head into Labor Day, a flurry of studios deliver The November Man to the trash heap of summer. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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