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Movie Mayhem — Guardians of the Galaxy

Prior to the initial announcement (and subsequent heavy media push) for Guardians of the Galaxy, I had never heard of this band of space rogues. I’m not a comic book junkie by any means, but I am a hardcore science fiction nerd; my favorite movie is the Star Wars saga, after all. So when I first saw the teaser trailer for the film, it didn’t much matter how (or if ) Marvel would find a way to fit them into their current series of films. They were taking a chance introducing this storyline into their current narrative, giving fans and aficionados alike a glimpse at something different — it was a chance for Marvel to show that they could do more than just a typical superhero storyline but maintain their voice and spirit with relatively unknown antiheroes. It was a huge gamble that I’m happy to say paid off in billions of units. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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August Promotion

With the beginning of August comes a brand new month-long promotion at Phoenix Moirai.

During the entire month of August, request a logo design and receive a business card design for free.

That’s right! A free business card design with the order of any logo design request. Of course, with an offer like this, there are going to be some stipulations. First of all, this free offer is for the design of the business cards only, so if you would like Phoenix Moirai to have your cards printed, there will be an extra charge for that. Secondly, the design for the business cards is entirely at the discretion of Phoenix Moirai. You will have a chance to review a proof and make any changes to the text, your contact information or the colors, but anything more than that (such as changes to the design and layout or additional proofs), will be charged accordingly. But that isn’t so bad, since it will still be completely personalized to the personality and the aesthetic of the logo that you will have approved before the cards are designed.

At Phoenix Moirai, we can design anything that needs to be printed. For more information about specific services Phoenix Moirai offers, prices on a variety of specially designed service packages, and to view some of my portfolio pieces, please go to and request a quote today!

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