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Movie Mayhem – The Purge: Anarchy

The concept for last year’s The Purge was one of the more interesting and thought-provoking ideas of the year: what if our government officials attempted to reduce crime rates by making all crime legal for one twelve hour period each year. With its frightening overtones and star Ethan Hawke, it became a breakout hit — for all of the wrong reasons. What everyone was flocking to theaters to see (the dramatic exploration of what it would be like during this specific period of time and the subtle social commentary that would come along with it) was reduced to an arbitrary, paint-by-numbers home invasion story with no genuine thrills (or chills). It didn’t matter to the studio; the film made over ten times what it cost to make on opening weekend. A sequel was announced that following Monday to capitalize on the popularity, ultimately giving us The Purge: Anarchy, which, as a lot of people have pointed out, does what the isolation of the first film failed to do by focusing on the true terror of the purge. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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