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Movie Mayhem – Begin Again

It happens quite often: a high-level executive in the entertainment industry stumbles upon a performance or a piece of work of an artist that sparks a high-level of interest. The executive sees something they can sell, or finds the artist to be fresh, innovative and honest in what they do. The executive believes that with a little promotion, they can turn a small, cult following into a world-wide phenomenon. They talk a good game and convince the artist of they have potential for fame and fortune as well as retaining a good amount of creative control. But the moment they sign, the artist must conform to standards completely opposite from what got them noticed in the first place, simply to fit the box the executive believes the artist need to be in. This is the basis for Begin Again, a film that does a terrific job examining the concept of reconnecting to one’s artistic integrity in a world that is so complacent with conformity. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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