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Movie Mayhem – Tammy

When you look at the most successful road trip movies, there’s always a clear destination in mind. On one level, it’s all about the physical destination — that elusive goal for which the protagonist will do anything to reach, no matter how many mishaps, challenges or detours they’re forced to take to get there. On a deeper level, road trip movies are about relationships — those bonds we form when we’re forced to spend time with someone we might not otherwise have hung out with. These relationships also carry with them a destination, a place of understanding and respect that the characters find in one another that they may not have seen prior to setting out on their journey. Without one or the other, you might get a brazenly fun ride-along (such as National Lampoon’s Vacation), or an emotionally sensitive story (like Dutch), but without either, you end up with a film like Tammy, a road trip movie without any type of destination. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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