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Movie Mayhem – Words and Pictures

As an avid movie-goer, my general preference is for big-budget blockbusters. There’s something about the spectacle of a highly anticipated movie that appeals to me that a smaller, independent or low-budget film can’t compete with. But over the past few years, I’ve attempted to see more independent films, such as Little Miss Sunshine, Moon, and more recently, Chef and The Railway Man, because films like these do have a place in the market and deserve a chance to shine (though, there is still some debate as to whether these can even be termed “independent,” as their budgets are still far larger than most films that never see past a small festival somewhere in hodunk Kansas). What I’ve come to appreciate in these types of films is the passion that seeps through the celluloid and makes them more artistically aware than their high-dollar counterparts. Part of this comes from a respect the filmmakers give to their characters, which heightens the subtle textures of meaning the filmmakers are seeking to convey; the essence of which embodies the new film, Words and Pictures, a thoughtful examination behind the merits of the written word versus visual artistry. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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