Strange Occurances…

Everyone, I’m sure, has had those days where something happens (no matter how small) that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Just yesterday, in fact, a couple of things made me scrunch my eyebrows up in a quizzical manner and think, “Uhh…. okaayy….”

First thing after I woke up I noticed something was off… or more to the point, something was on. My DirecTV unit has a sleep mode, wherein it turns itself off when it’s been inactive (meaning no channels have been changed, and no shows have been recording) for four hours. But when I woke up at my usual time, the unit was still on. It finally did go to sleep, but several hours later than it should have. When I checked, the unit was still on the same station it was on before I went to sleep, and there was nothing new recorded, so, whatever, right? It’s a machine; it’ll sometimes act out.

But then a couple of hours later, I’m sitting at my computer getting some work done, and I hear this light flapping at the door that leads out to my balcony. It sounds like a bird or something flying up and down the glass. After a couple of times I hear this noise, I go to check to see what it is, and there’s a grasshopper jumping up and down the glass… inside the room. How this grasshopper even got inside the house, much less my room, I have no idea. But there it was. So, I opened the door and let the little guy hop on out.

It actually reminded me of this time when I was younger and I found this pen that wrote with with silver ink. It was the coolest thing, and the pen was just there, in the street or something (can’t remember where I actually found it). The thing is, every time I used it, or I had it nearby, I would find random pincher bugs crawling somewhere close by. Sometimes, they would seemingly pop out of nowhere, like when I turned the page in my coloring book. I had never encountered them that way before the pen, so I decided to throw the pen away. From that point on, I never again saw a pincher bug in the house.

Now I know these are tiny, random things and are nowhere near as mind-bending as something like The Hangover, but it was still weird and makes me wonder, with both happening the same morning, if they are at all connected… and if they are, what happened while I was asleep?

There has got to be a story in there somewhere!

What do you think?

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