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Movie Mayhem – Maleficent

Taking a beloved fairy tale and altering it to create a fresh idea isn’t a new thing. When done correctly (as with ABC’s Once Upon A Time), we get an entertaining ride dripping with an originality that builds on the source material while respecting its roots. When it’s done poorly (as with 2011’s Red Riding Hood), we get a plodding attempt at delivering a unique vision that fails because the filmmakers forget to include any of the charm and joy that we all once fell in love with. With Maleficent, Disney’s newest “re-imagining” of their very own Sleeping Beauty (an adaptation of the tale, “Little Briar Rose,” by the Brothers Grimm, which was itself an adaptation of the French fairy tale, La Belle au bois dormant), I was hoping for the former, but found it closer to the latter in both execution and its lack of creative excitement. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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