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Movie Mayhem – Million Dollar Arm

Over the past decade or so, Disney has released several outstanding sports-related true stories dealing with overcoming adversity. These include Kurt Russell’s Olympic hockey film, Miracle; Dennis Quaid’s major league baseball drama, The Rookie; Mark Wahlberg’s NFL football flick, Invincible; and Josh Lucas’s college basketball movie, Glory Road. Each one of these films is a perfect example in how to be thoroughly entertaining while crafting an inspirational story that pushes you to be more than you are and honoring those from which the story was based. So when Disney used these films (most notably, Miracle and Invincible) to advertise Million Dollar Arm, they inadvertently set the bar for the film so high, it would be near impossible, even for a film about rising above the odds to succeed, to live up to the magic of its predecessors. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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