Wedding Video – Bridgette & Jared

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been extremely busy building my first client’s new website (and learning quite a bit in the process), but that hasn’t stopped me from working on — and finishing up — my sister’s wedding video. And wouldn’t you know it, I finished it just in time for her 30th birthday!

The video, which I call the Lasting Memories video, is a highlight reel of the ceremony, reception and any other events that I filmed as per the request of the bride and groom. In my sister’s case, though she didn’t actually request it, I also filmed the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The packages I offer as a videographer also include bride and groom interviews and wedding day preparations, but my sister didn’t want me to film her getting ready for the ceremony, so none of that was included here.

Which turned out okay in the end because I was still able to capture some very good quotes from the ceremony and the reception that allowed me to tell a very loving, yet fun and romantic story of Bridgette and Jared’s wedding.

Working on this type of video, I’ll do all I can to incorporate the themes of the wedding to help tell their story. In Bridgette and Jared’s case, the theme of the wedding was the 1920s, with a small mob style embedded within it. (I’m not entirely sure if it was intentional, but it sure turned out that way!) That was where I began my focus and then went from there, staying as close to the character and personalities of the bride and groom as I could (including the penchant for black and white photos to help class up the joint).

But don’t think that’s all I do for the bride; this is just the tip of the iceberg. As part of any wedding package, the bride and groom will receive DVDs of not only this video, but unedited tracks of all of the most important moments of the wedding, which I’m sure they will enjoy and cherish as they continue to grow older with one another.

Check out the 10 minute video (give it a chance to load!) and if you like what you see, swing by the Phoenix Moirai website and take a look at the Wedding Design and Video Packages (or just take a look around to mix and match requests to build your very own services package).

It was extremely fun to film and edit this video, and I look forward to doing many more in the future as my business grows.

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