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A New Author Interview

Back when I was in the middle of the virtual book tour for my novel, In the Light of the Eclipse, I was contacted by a blogger who wanted to know if I would be up to doing an interview for her blog. Of course I said yes (duh). I finished the interview back in December, hoping to have it released around the end of the tour, but for whatever the reason, that particular interview was continuously postponed. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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Movie Mayhem – Non-Stop

Before taking on the role of a Jedi Master in the first Star Wars prequel, Liam Neeson spent most of his time acting in a variety of dramatic and period pieces, including his Oscar-nominated role in Schindler’s List. After getting a taste for action, though, he started carving out an extremely successful career in a variety of action thrillers (as well as becoming one of the go-to actors for gruff and authoritative voice-over work). And though he still makes time to do some work in more dramatic fare, at 61, he’s nowhere near ending his reign as a viable action superstar, starring in yet another winning thriller, Non-Stop. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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