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Chaos Movie Awards 2014

The Academy Awards air this Sunday, which means it’s time for me to play prognosticator and attempt to predict who will be floating on top of the world with excitement and who will fake their way through a bevy of congratulations. Now I will say that in years past, I have a horrible record in predicting the Oscar winners, so please, take these choices as what they are — complete and utter guesses. Yes, I’ve read some materials and articles on other Oscar predictions, and I try to take into account how and with what criteria the Hollywood elite (aka, the voters) will decide, but for me at least, there’s no hard rules to what will actually happen come the live telecast. I have my biases just as everyone who votes will, and that will certainly influence my decisions. It’s all in good fun, though, and we’ll see come Monday morning if I was right or if I should just stop pretending I know anything about what Hollywood is really thinking.

Here are my predictions for the 2014 Academy Awards (as well as who I think should win, which may include actors and films that weren’t even nominated). Read on for my predictions

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