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Movie Mayhem – I, Frankenstein

I’m all for reinventing a myth (or fictional character), so long as it remains true to spirit of  what the original embodied. No where are these types of alterations made than in the tried-and-true creature-feature; that is to say, the reinvention of the vampire, werewolf, mummy and zombie legends. Ever since man could put pictures into motion, writers and directors have tried to one-up each other in creating bigger, scarier (more lovelorn?) versions that appeal to the masses who seek to be horrified (or, as in more recent times, swooned) by creatures of the night. With I, Frankenstein, writer and director Stuart Beattie tries his best to bring new life to what can essentially be considered the very first zombie, but inevitably fails to do so in a labored body of work with absolutely no soul. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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