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And the Sequel Begins

This afternoon—after a holiday season that saw a lot of time away from the computer and a lot of busy work on other projects (which included my book tour for In the Light of the Eclipse, looking into selling my feature film, Secrets of the Desert Nymph, beta reading my friend’s new novel, playing “Star Wars Angry Birds” and “Skyward Sword”, breaking in the new Wii U I got for Christmas (I know, when that procrastination bug takes hold…), spending time with family, prepping the filming of my sister’s wedding, helping to put new carpet into my family’s living room, and of course looking and applying for a new full-time job)—I finally wrote the first 2000 words of my next book, Memoirs of Keladrayia: Jaxxa Rakala. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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