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Movie Mayhem – The Best and Worst Movies of 2013

I’m by no means a professional movie critic, and because of that, I only see a fraction of the hundreds of movies that come out each year—either because I’ve got to much going on, the film isn’t released in one of my three local cineplexes, or I outright refuse to see it (or at the very least, don’t have any interest in wasting my money on it). That still doesn’t mean I don’t see a lot of them, and this year, I had the pleasure (and the displeasure, in a lot of cases) of seeing 127 of them—at the movie theater, mind you. I’m sure I saw dozens more on cable (like the gloriously retched SyFy originals), premium channels (such as the pretty terrible (vampire?) flick The Colony on OnDemand) and of course regular TV.

But when it comes to compiling the best and worst movies of the year, I stick exclusively with films that were released on at least 500 screens nationwide (anything less and it usually means that it didn’t see the light of day in any of my theaters). And as you’ve probably seen from my weekly reviews, I have a very extensive palette when it comes to movies, so you can bet there’s a pretty good mix of offerings in my top ten. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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