Hope in the New Year

Today begins a new year and with it comes hope—hope that you’ll finally lose the weight you’ve been wanting to lose; hope that you’ll finally find “the one”; hope that your career goals will be met; hope that everything will turn out for the best. It’s also the time to take a breath and reminisce about what you learned, what you gained, what you lost, what you gave up, what you fought for, what you failed at, what you accomplished and where you would like to see yourself on the road ahead.

Today also marks the day that most people set a series of resolutions—goals they would like to acheive by this time next year. The problem is, most people, no matter how small the goal, usually fail to achieve them. It’s not necessarily because they didn’t try, or that they forgot, it’s simply because by setting a goal, you’ve already put pressure on yourself to make it happen, and in that pressure comes the fear of failure. You try too hard to make it happen and ultimately feel bad when it doesn’t.

So to keep that from happening, this year I have chosen to create a list of events I hope will happen in the new year. I am not setting a specific goal with this list; instead, I am saying that I will be excited if and when these things come to fruition, but should they not happen, there must be a reason, and I can trust that once I am able to understand that reason, I will be better prepared to see them happen in the future.

With that said, in 2014:

I hope that my readership and fan base will grow beyond my close circle of friends and family.

I hope to publish two new novels, adding them to my growing library.

I hope to achieve a sensible amount of sales (for both my novels and my films).

I hope that the Kickstarter campaign for my new film will be a success (or that I might find financial support elsewhere).

I hope that I will find a new job, one I can grow with, one that will give me new experiences, and one which will give me personal satisfaction, both creatively and financially.

I hope that I might find a sincere, romantic relationship.

I hope that I might find the courage to do at least one thing that is outside of my comfort zone.

I hope that my sister and her fiancee find all of the happiness and joy they deserve as they begin their new life together in marriage.

I hope that my brother-in-law will find a good, stable career to help support his family.

I hope the government will stop trying to run everyone’s life and give us back our freedom of choice (as in, I hope that the government will stop trying to become my parent and give me what they think I need or want me to have).

I hope the upcoming political campaigns will stop dividing the country and show sincerity in helping to bring the country together (as in, I hope the politicians will stop their constant lying and political meandering).

I hope that everyone will stop using racism as an excuse for why someone dissents.

I hope that the Olympics are safe and fun for everyone involved.

I hope that my family and friends will prosper, and continue to find happiness in all that they do and accomplish.

I hope that I remain healthy and happy.

I pray for all of this to come true, though no matter what happens, in the end it’s all in God’s hands. It’s in His footsteps I walk, and I will trust that He will guide me when I need guidance, follow me when I need protection, and carry me when I need the most help. For everything that will happen this year—regardless of how hard I may work, how much I may fight or how long I desire—will happen because it’s meant to happen, and that He felt I was finally ready for what is still to come.

Happy New Year everyone.

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