Can I just Say…

Isn’t it better to look up to and/or respect a man (real or fictional) who is completely unbiased against race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation (and whatever else you want to throw out there), than to claim such a man should be considered different to different people? Of course I speak of this inane Santa Claus controversy, in which some feel that the representation of Santa should be some weird amalgamation of everything, to which he appears one way for one person and another for someone else so that the one who feels they themselves are “different” won’t feel bad about themselves (or some such nonsense).

Let me just say, I think this point of view speaks more for the parents of those who feel “inadequate” toward Santa because they focus on the fact that he is different instead of looking past his skin color and praising the attributes that Santa represents. He leaves gifts for all of the children of the world, no matter their race or religious affiliation, their social status or age. So long as you believe in him and are good and just, than you are worthy of his gift. If you don’t believe and “have been naughty,” then and only then does he not take notice of you.

According to most, the story of Santa Claus stems back to the Dutch, (and in some, St. Nicholas… or both), a country of mostly “white” people. So why do some think Santa’s skin color (or gender, or sexual orientation) needs to change simply to satisfy those who can’t get beyond the “race” factor of a jolly old elf who gives gifts to all the good little kids out of the goodness of his heart?

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