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Can I just Say…

Isn’t it better to look up to and/or respect a man (real or fictional) who is completely unbiased against race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation (and whatever else you want to throw out there), than to claim such a man should be considered different to different people? Of course I speak of this inane Santa Claus controversy, in which some feel that the representation of Santa should be some weird amalgamation of everything, to which he appears one way for one person and another for someone else so that the one who feels they themselves are “different” won’t feel bad about themselves (or some such nonsense). Don’t Stop – There’s Plenty More

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Virtual Book Tour – Stop #13

As the virtual book tour for In the Light of the Eclipse nears its end (there are still several stops on Monday, December 16), the second to last spotlight can be found at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews. Laurie is a retired accountant who devotes her days to reading and reviewing mostly science-fiction, fantasy and paranormal literature, though her tastes do vary and she makes note of that by showing off her paranormal thoughts and non-paranormal thoughts on her blog.

I wish to thank Laurie for spotlighting my book and being part of my virtual book tour.

(An update from yesterday: the original stop I was supposed to make yesterday has officially been canceled. And though I will get one additional stop on Monday to make up for it, I am out one review, which, let’s be honest, really does suck just a little.)

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