Virtual Book Tour – Stops #11 and #12

I have a couple of spotlights on my virtual book tour today. The first comes courtesy of Bella Harte Books, a blog run by exuberant reader and young adult author Bella Harte. The second can be seen at Bestseller Books, a site dedicated to bestselling books and books on the rise to bestseller status (not sure if mine fits that description, but hey, I’ll let the masses believe it if they want to).

I want to thank both sites for spotlighting In the Light of the Eclipse to their fans and followers, especially Bestseller Books, a late replacement for a stop that had to be postponed or canceled at the last minute (which one is still unclear, but I am hoping it’s the former and that the review that was going to happen on that stop will still make it in before the tour ends). I will let you all know when and if the stop returns or is officially canceled.

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