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Virtual Book Tour – Stops #7 and #8

I’ve got two awesome stops on my book tour today, both with a guest post that feature a little something about my process in writing In the Light of the Eclipse.

The first stop is at Curse of the Bibliophile, a book review site run by passionate book readers Katie and Satarupa. The guest post they are hosting is called “The Evolution of a Story.” I go into great detail about what goes into the mind of a writer (more importantly, my twisted and insane mind) and how much a book changes from the spark of inspiration to the final product. If you’ve ever wondered how a book evolves (including a discussion on how one of my characters in In the light of the Eclipse went from mere after-thought to a full-fledged character), head on over and check it out. (To find the guest post, scroll down to just after the excerpt.)

The second is courtesy of The Saucy Reviewer, a book blog run by Xunaira J., a writer of children and young adult books. This stop is the one that was postponed from last week and I’m happy to have them back on the tour. The guest post they are hosting is called, “How I Found My Voice,” and is basically just that. It goes into detail about my journey in finding my true voice and not just a copy of another author (or writer), and how that journey ultimately affected the writing style for In the Light of the Eclipse. (To find the guest post, scroll down to just after the blurb.)

Thanks to both of these sites for spotlighting my book and for giving me the chance to let you in on a couple of the secrets behind the scenes of In the Light of the Eclipse, and my writing process in general.

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