Virtual Book Tour – Stops #2 and #3

Today I’ve got two spotlights for In the Light of the Eclipse. The first is at Author Rose Wynters blog, the second is at button-the-push. Rose Wynters is the author of several supernatural romance books (which seem to be more adult in nature than my own young adult fantasy) while button-the-push is a general review site for all book lovers run by a fun Aussie-Brit living in Finland named Elisa. I thank them both for taking the time to spotlight In the Light of the Eclipse to their fans and followers.

I was also supposed to have a guest post up today, but that stop was postponed for the time being. I will let everyone know when that stop is rescheduled, or if it is canceled. (I’d like to give a special thanks to Rose Wynters for stepping in at the last minute to fill in for the missing guest post. Very generous and kind, indeed.)

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