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Garden of Tomorrow Kickstarter Campaign

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Make a pledge to help Garden of Tomorrow become reality.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to work as 1st Assistant Director on a trailer to help promote the Kickstarter campaign for a new interactive web-based children’s show, “Garden of Tomorrow.” The campaign seeks to raise $50,000 to produce the very first half-hour episode of what is to be a fun, educational series in the vain of “Sesame Street” for kids aged 3-7.

Ronald Shattuck, owner of the Fallbrook Film Factory (and producer of my short film, My Necklace, Myself), came up with the idea of “Garden of Tomorrow” along with the show’s star and inspiration, Arlene Yates (known to her fans as Lady Arlene), who has been writing and performing music for over forty years and has spent most of her career writing for and entertaining children. Together, they came up with an idea that wouldn’t just present fun, educational entertainment to the kids, but actually allow them to interact with the series, encouraging viewers of all ages to help to write skits, play games and participate in contests through the website (for which will separate pages for kids and their parents to navigate and enjoy) that will present “Garden of Tomorrow” in all of its clean, wholesome glory. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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Movie Mayhem – Thor: The Dark World

Chock up another win for Marvel’s stellar Avengers machine. In their master plan to tell several individual stories that make up the essence of a larger world, Marvel (and parent company, Disney) took a huge risk that has done nothing but create a magnificent realm (or nine realms, if you will) of riches. Of course, if it wasn’t for Robert Downey, Jr and the fantastic cinema quality action adventure that was Iron Man, Phase One of the Avengers Initiative (great marketing strategy, I must say) would have collapsed under its own weight (and not that of The Incredible Hulk, which I consider better than Captain America, a good film in its own right). But Iron Man‘s success gave the rest of the rag-tag team a template to sore into super stardom, and Thor: The Dark World not only amplifies the mold, but holds up mightily against his powerhouse friends. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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