Can I Just Say…

It’s pretty disconcerting to realize that the federal government is more interested in marketing than they are in governing. With the government takeover of GM, the “deals” being offered to get more people on food stamps, and now the constant push to sell the Affordable Care Act (marketed, of course, as Obamacare), politicians (and more importantly, President Obama, who seems to do nothing but run around the country like a corporate shill) are much more interested in promoting, marketing and selling their products than they are in creating laws that help and protect the citizens of this once great country.

I mean, you have to know there’s something wrong when the federal government has “products.” We should not be shopping on any government website; the federal government is not Amazon. If we continue to do so, we can probably look forward to this slogan:

The United States federal government: If we don’t have it, you don’t need it. Anything else is illegal.

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