Guess the Title Contest – Clue #4

The fourth and final clue to help you solve the title of my new book is now available. You still have a chance to win a signed copy of the new young adult novel upon its release in November. Head over to the official contest page to check out the cryptogram and try your hand at a guess. See the Clue

Clue #4: Eager to know the title? Use the previous clues to fill the board, then play the cryptogram to spell the answer you’ve been looking for.

Chess Board

Clue #3: Half of the board will hold all of our letters; what’s left but to mirror the pattern, then think eclipse and in the end it’ll matter.

Clue #2: Start your decoder in the bottom left corner, then follow from left to right to find your order. But don’t forget to leave spaces where they matter, using the above cryptogram as a pattern.

Clue #1: Play the game with Kings and Queens and don’t forget to give them a little space (as can be seen in the cryptogram itself).

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