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Movie Mayhem – Escape Plan

It’s not a secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were action movie rivals throughout the eighties and early nineties, squaring off against each other at the box office with films including The Terminator, Tango and Cash, Total Recall and Stop, or My Mom Will Shoot… okay, maybe not so much the last one, but the closest the boys ever got to teaming up was poking fun at each other within their films (Stallone as the terminator in Last Action Hero, or President Schwarzenegger in Demolition Man). That all changed with Stallone’s successful attempt to bring the eighties back to the big screen with The Expendables, but Schwarzenegger only made a minor cameo, which was more an inside joke than anything else. With the prison-escape movie, Escape Plan, we finally get to see the two team up for real. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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