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How many projects is too many projects?

If you were to ask Ryan Seacrest, there’s no such thing as too many projects… and I would tend to agree.

In any person’s life, there will always be times when there is so much to be done, or there is so much that you want to get done, that nothing seems to ever get done. You organize and prioritize your list of things to do, but as you near crossing one thing off the list, a couple of more pop up that you quickly gravitate toward because they’re fresh and exciting, causing other priorities to take a backseat. It can be daunting for sure, especially when it doesn’t seem like you will ever have the time to finish it all. I’ve recently found myself in this exact place, but what I’ve come to realize is that it is in this madness that I find my sanity. I am a naturally creative person, and in my pursuit of making a living as said creative person (weather as a writer, a film maker, graphic designer or a combination of all three—known now as a hyphenate), I have mostly been able to stick to one project at a time, pour all of my energy into it and then move on. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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