Win a Copy of My New Book

WIN an autographed copy of Bryan Caron’s new young adult novel.

All you need to do is guess the title of his new book, scheduled for release in November of 2013.


1. Below is a cryptogram of the new book’s full title.
2. Translate the title and post your answer in the comments section of this page.
3. The first to correctly identify the name of the title (based on the time stamp of the comment) will be the official winner.*
4. Contest is open to U.S. Residents Only.**


1. A signed copy of Bryan Caron’s new novel upon its release (Trade Paperback)
2. A signed, full-size poster of the cover art for Bryan Caron’s new novel.
3. A signed copy of Bryan Caron’s science fiction novel Jaxxa Rakala: The Search (Trade Paperback)
4. A signed copy of Bryan Caron’s novel Year of the Songbird (Trade Paperback)
5. A DVD copy of Bryan Caron’s coming-of-age feature film, Secrets of the Desert Nymph


Every Friday, from October 4th to October 25th, a new clue will be added to help aid you in your translation. However, with each new clue, one prize will be forfeited. Prize 5 will be deleted with the first clue, Prize 4 with the second and so on.

After the last clue is revealed, everyone will have one additional week to solve the puzzle (and win a signed copy of the book upon its release) before the cover and official release date are revealed on November 1st.

It’s not going to be easy, and you’ll have to think outside of the box for this one, but the challenge is well worth it.
If you have any questions (other than what the title is), please ask them in the comments section below.



Qe2   b6   dxe5   Rh6   Qd2   Na7   Qxd5   Nh7   Ne2    Qc7   Bd2   Bh3   Kg1   Bc3   Qb7   Qd8

Rxh3   Qxd2   Qxa7   Rb8   Ra2   Kf8   Qxh7   Qxe2   Nd6   Rg6   Qa7

Clue #1: Play the game with Kings and Queens and don’t forget to give them a little space (as can be seen in the cryptogram itself).

Clue #2: Start your decoder in the bottom left corner, then follow from left to right to find your order. But don’t forget to leave spaces where they matter, using the above cryptogram as a pattern.

Clue #3: Half of the board will hold all of our letters; what’s left but to mirror the pattern, then think eclipse and in the end it’ll matter.

Clue #4: Eager to know the title? Use the previous clues to fill the board, then play the cryptogram to spell the answer you’ve been looking for.

Chess Board

*The winning participant will be contacted via the email provided on the winning comment for shipping information.
**For shipping purposes. Winner will incur no costs for any prizes won. They are absolutely free.
***Please allow up to five weeks upon the release of Bryan Caron’s new novel for shipping.

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