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Can I just Say…

It’s very cool to see Barry Cofield, defensive tackle for the Washington Redskins, playing tonight’s Monday Night Football Game despite having broken his hand a few weeks ago. In a generation where athletes would rather sit the bench than risk playing with a hangnail, it’s good to see there are at least a few athletes left who love the game enough to do whatever it takes to compete, even if it means playing through the pain of an injury.

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A Syrian Game of Chess

And the Syrian chess game continues. While President Obama looks to jet off on another campaign blitz (like he knows how to do anything else) to convince a disgruntled America to attack Syria for no good reason, the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Syria have announced a deal to put all of Syrian’s chemical weapons under international control in hopes of stopping the attack. It seems like a smart move on the account of all parties to seriously consider this deal, but there is still a high amount of tension, not to mention some very key issues that have to be dealt with in the wake of this proposal. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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