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Movie Mayhem – Riddick

I need to preface this review by noting that I was one of the very few who didn’t care much at all for the original Pitch Black (from which the character of Riddick was born), and skipped The Chronicles of Riddick altogether for that very reason. But I chose to see Riddick, the newest addition to the franchise, to find out if, after nine years of absence, whether or not the producers could pull off something unique and scary, and something that would push me to go back and re-watch the others. Based on the reports I read about how the franchise got back off the ground, the trailer that focuses on one very specific scene (one of the better one’s in the movie, I might add), and how much Vin Diesel truly cares for this character, I wanted to like it. Sadly, going in with a lower set of expectations didn’t help convince me that Riddick is a character worth following. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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