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Best Movie Title Ever?

Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Gators!

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What Happened to Presidential Leadership?

To be a leader one must be able to make quick, intelligent decisions in the heat of the moment, go against the status quo when necessary, and never second-guess a decision or compromise his or her integrity. A leader stands up for and protects anyone and everyone under his or her command, does not let personal bias affect his or her decisions, and refutes and discourages the actions of anyone who would seek to harm, whether physically or emotionally, anyone he or she is bound to protect. A leader is someone to look up to, to emulate, and he or she will respect that with the conviction of his or her actions, always following through on what he or she says, never going against his or her own words, whether past or present, including (and especially) any promises he or she makes, and never makes excuses. A leader’s word must be his or her bond, no matter the consequences, and he or she must always accept those consequences, welcoming blame for any and all decisions that were made under his or her leadership. This doesn’t mean a leader cannot be flawed; a leader is still only human after all. But when a person in a leadership role blatantly ignores, or disregards these key attributes, that person can no longer be trusted. And when that trust is broken, that person’s strength and honor (which go hand in hand with leadership) are threatened. Don’t Stop – There’s Plenty More

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