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Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne?

For it: Christopher Nolan’s choice to cast Heath Ledger as the Joker.

Against it: We all still remember Daredevil.

Bottom Line: Without Nolan’s participation as producer on Batman vs Superman, it’s up to Zack Snyder to mold Affleck into Batman. Whether or not he can do that is questionable.

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Movie Mayhem

Next week, I will begin a weekly movie review, where I will review one film that opened over the weekend. If there is a movie you would like to have reviewed each week, please make note in the comments section and I will do what I can to review the most requested film.

If no film is suggested, it will be a random film, one that drew the most passion from me, good or bad.

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To all of you out there in the cyber ether, please let me take this moment to welcome you to my brand new blog, Chaos breeds Chaos, where anything goes so that chaos can reign.

This is where I will speak my mind on anything from entertainment to sports, to politics and reality. Everything is fair game here; nothing is too big or too small, too outrageous or to mundane. Posts will include a weekly movie review, discussion of the latest trends, complaints about the government’s latest decisions, but most of all, I’ll be telling it like it is, no matter what. And like any other decent blog, I encourage a robust debate on everything I throw out there, whether it be on films, books, music, government or marketing, not to mention all of those little things that make us laugh, cry, think and marvel at in wonderment. Don’t Stop – There’s Plenty More

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